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We are the most trusted engine replacement service in the UK, with 10 Years of Experience we have thousands of satisfied customers on our credit.

Free Warranty

All the replacement engines sold by us, whether used or reconditioned units, come with free warranty for your peace of mind.

Vehicle Recovery

We can recover your broken vehicle from your door or road and do all the engine repair works, delivery also available.

The best online shop for cheapest Reconditioned and Used Ford engines

You may choose either Reconditioned or low mileage Used engines if the engine of your Ford is creating issues. Reconditioned engines are redesigned by the engineers, so these are pricier then used engines. For both types of replacement engines, your choice must be Diesel Engine R Us.Replacement Engines for Ford

We are the no.1 online shop in the UK where you can find the engines of your need and budget. Diesel Engine R Us offers cheapest online rates as compared to the market and our speciality is quality engines. Get your Reconditioned and Used Ford engines at cheapest cost online.

Ford Car Engines

In 4 cylinder range, from 2000 to present, much more powerful engines were used including Duratorq diesel, Duratec 8v/HE/20/23, Power Stroke 3.0L diesel, EcoBoost 1.6 L/2.0 L diesel and EcoBlue diesel engines. There is only one engine using 5 cylinders i.e. 3.2L Duratorq I5 diesel engine.

For six cylinders, from the year 2003 to present, the engines available are Ecotorq 7.3/9.0/12.7 L Diesel, AJD V6 2.7 L Diesel and EcoBoost diesel with either 2.7, 3.0 or 3.5. Since 2010, 8 cylinders include 4.4 Turbo Diesel V8, Boss V8—SOHC 6.2 L, Scorpion Diesel V8 6.7L and Trinity V8 5.8 L engine.

While for 10 cylinders to options are accessible i.e. Triton V10—6.8L petrol and 5.8L DOHC 54° Modular V10 engine, and using 12 cylinders, options are: Lincoln L-head V12, Lincoln-Zephyr V12 and Aston Martin 6.0L V12 engine.

Ford, undoubtedly one of the top automotive make

Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, Ford Motor company is an American lavish carmaker. Henry Ford founded the company in the year 1903. Making exceptional cars under the Ford brand and most of the luxury car under Lincoln brand is the front-page headline of Ford Motor company.

Ford is second largest US-based automobile maker and fifth largest of the globe. This automaker has always been in the limelight because of the practicality and exquisiteness of its cars.

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Common problems in the engines made by Ford

Generally, Ford is considered the best maker when it comes to the agility and builds quality. But some of the issues with the engines of Ford are as under:

A defective electronic throttle body can result in Check Engine Light illumination of Check Engine Light and could be limited to no throttle response.

Defective thermostat bypass can cause a coolant leak from the radiator. This may result in pressure spikes in the cooling system, which leads to radiator failure.

Diesel Engine R Us engine supply and fit service

Diesel Engine R Us is an experienced reconditioned engine supply and fit service offering its facilities at cheapest rates. We enjoy thousands of satisfied customers due to our state of the garage. Our Ford certified technicians are expert in fitting the Ford engines within minimum time.

Furthermore, we offer reconditioned Ford engine delivery service at your doorstep saving you a lot of time and energy. Plus, these engines are offered with a free warranty.

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Warranty for Reconditioned and Used Ford engines

Well, we understand the importance of warranty that is why free warranty as standard is given against every single engine purchased from us. Reconditioned Ford engines are provided more time period than Used Ford engines because the experts reconstruct them and these are very costly.

The average time of warranty for Ford replacement engines is nine months but it depends upon the type and condition of engine you are selecting.

Ford B-Max Engine Codes

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