Our Terms of Use

Diesel Engine R Us strictly comply with the following Terms and Conditions. The particular customers has his legal rights under the constitution of these Terms & Conditions. The customer shows his willingness towards these mentioned Terms &Conditions by accepting our services and offers. These Terms and Conditions apply to all business activities and operations of the Diesel Engine R Us services provider. Read carefully to comply with these Terms & Conditions.

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The each particular service has its own special agreement, the agreement being made for one particular service doesn't apply to any other service offered by the Diesel Engine R Us. No changes in regard with any specific Terms & Condition can be acceptable without the prior permission of the official authority of the company, i., e, Manager. It is for the attention of our valuable customers that any quotes in regard with engine replacement.


It is important to note down in order to the cancellation of the order. Any order in regard with any particular service of Diesel Engine R Us once being made and accepted by the mentioned company could only be cancelled by customer itself. The customer need to present agreement with the company that specifies the cancellation order. However, the customer will be liable to pay all expenses incurred by the company until unless cancellation order fully approved by concerning parties. The cancellation order will only come into force once all standing money has been paid to the company.


In regard to the delay of service, the Diesel Engine R Us doesn’t hold any responsibility of delay of delivery of particular service if it was the result of external factor or force. The mentioned company is not liable for any actions outside the company control.


The company has defined exchange policy for the convenience of its valuable customers. If the customer need to exchange the old engine with the new one. The value of old engine will be accessed by our expert technicians and the customer will be eligible to avail the cash discount on the new engine, but the final decision will be made by the authorise person of the mentioned company.


The Company has clear policy in regards with the additional charges and delivery charges if and only if incurred. The customer needs to pay any additional charges in case of any additional repair service has been given. Similarly the customer is responsible to pay delivery charges if he/she agrees to get the delivery of his/her vehicle at any particular address. But it will be inferred from the situation. However, the mentioned company is not legally entitle to get the payment for the service which has never been provided.


The customer need to stay alert in regard with the any notice served by the said company. All written notices served to the customer by the Diesel Engine R Us services provider will come into effect after 24 hours of normal delivery time. The mentioned company is liable for any damages to the vehicle when in the custody.


The customer is strictly advised to take out all of its personal belonging from the vehicle before it is handed over to the mention for any particular service. The company doesn’t hold any responsibility in regard with the personal item left inside the vehicle.


Diesel Engine R Us is legally answerable to the customer in regard with any particular service delivered with the certain conditions and limitations. The company is responsible for the period of 6 months or till the vehicle completes 6000 miles. The 6 months limitations will come into force after the exact date of delivery of any particular service. The same rule apply with the miles covered. However, any of these two conditions which finishes earlier will apply.


The warranty claim doesn’t apply to the following conditions:

a)Third party does supply some material or parts of engine. If the defect is result of that supplied material, the said company doesn’t hold any responsibility and any claim in that regard will be made against that third company.

b)If it has been found that the serviced vehicle was being used for racing events, record attempts or competition, no claims can be made in such situations.

c)If it has been found that the particular vehicle doesn't follow the manufacturers’ recommendations. And the wear or tear or any other failure occurred as result of it, no claim can be made.

d)Any vehicle damaged or affected by an accident will not be eligible to make service warranty claim.


The Contracts will be made in regard with the English Law, "Rights of Third Parties" act 1999 will apply in regard with the any term of the said Contract. Apart from the concerning parties no other person will hold the responsibility to enforce any provision of this contract.


Diesel Engine R Us doesn’t hold any responsibility once the warranty period has expired. The warranty period starts with the date on the purchase invoice and it expires with the end of time specified on the invoice. All the warranty claims are non-transferable and the original purchaser reserve the right to claim any warranty.


In regard to make any warranty claims the customer need to contact us to get detail guidance on "how to make a warranty claims?. The customer may contact us by email or can make a call on official contact numbers of Diesel Engine R Us.


Diesel Engine R Us the legal right to access over complete service record for the inspection purposes in the event of warranty claims being made. And no claim can be proceed if it will be found that the defect is result of collision or negligence.


It is important to note down that the warranty claims can only be made in lieu of the engine components, cylinder head and engine block. No claims can be made in regard with the defects of diesel pump, water pump, timing parts or any other part of the particular vehicle.


The following necessary steps need to be taken in regard to make any claim of service warranty:

a)The customer must need to inform us about the problem on official email address or phone.

b)Carefully read the claim form which will be sent by an email

c)You need to fill the form and must provide all necessary details required, must send the complete form.

d)Our experts will evaluate and review your claim within 48 hours after the form has been submitted.


All the claims being made will be dealt on individual basis and the said company will proceed your claim on urgent basis but within order.


Delivery fee is non refundable.


15% return handling fee applies if item is supplied correctly.


Exchange unit collection fee is £50 (please strap engine on pallet drained of oil to collect).


Maximum 6 months Warranty is valid on commercial vans and Taxi cars.

In addition to these above mentioned Terms and Conditions, Diesel Engine R Us strictly comply with the standard legal procedures and follow the legal conditions in regard with the delivery of service. We come under the jurisprudence of English Law being UK based business entity.