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Apr 17, 2017

A comparison between Audi A series and S series performance cars

The German car maker’s popularity is derived from available technological advancement, sleek interiors and constantly slinky exterior varieties on its high-of-the line items. Audi has struck a balance with the aid of adding sport performance cars which can be pleasant for the person along for the ride. Audi has abridged its bundle options a few years ago to draw clear distinctions between normal and sport line riding approach. Audi’s alphanumeric model series name variants begin with A – the authentic base. In terms of drawing distinctions, Audi is running its S Line which has upped the ante with expanded efficiency and the new Holy Grail in the car industry, higher fuel economy system and better performance with more tweaked designs. Let’s start one by one that what A series and S Series models are sharing with each other, or simply competing each other in the market?

Audi A1

Audi A1 is a small supermini offered by Audi. It was unveiled on the 2010 Geneva Motor show. At the start, the A1 used to be introduced as a 3 door model and was fully manufactured in Germany from August 2010, the UK manufacturing facility took over operations in November 2010. The Audi A1 was introduced with five engine options, three petrol and a diesel engine from 1.2-Litre to 2.0-Litre engine displacements had been offered. On the gearbox options, Audi will not let you down and present a 5 speed and a six-speed manual and a seven-speed S Tronic gearbox where a single speed e-Tron used to be also introduced. It is a successor of the Audi 50 series. By a vehicle magazine in the UK in 2011, Audi A1 was awarded as a car of the year 2011.

Audi S1

What a revelation the S1 grew to become a monstrous mini model in the Audi model line-up. Not only a jumped-up, swift variant of Audi’s Polo for badge snobs, but a practically superb blazing hatch. We have pass over it already, and not only just for its performance which is already damn good for a very small automobile, the S1 has absurdly fabulous practicality. Usually over time in a fast car like the S1, you arise as strong to its acceleration however the S1 in no way felt whatever less than hilariously quick under full throttle situations.

The Audi S1 is Audi’s smallest S-model which is based on the Audi A1. It has 227 bhp derived from the Volkswagen’s EA888 2.0Litre engine, and it also has an everlasting Quattro 4 wheel drive technology. The usual vehicle speed from 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds and has an electronically-limited top speed of a 155 miles per hour.

Audi A3

It is the time to shit from small hatchback cars to the saloons and then to the premium luxury vehicles. Let’s start with the family car series of Audi, it’s an A3 and the Audi A3 is a compact small family model. Audi first introduced the A3 series around two decades ago in 1996. For the first two generations, Audi used Volkswagen’s A platform which they were sharing with numerous Audi units such as the TT, VW Caddy, VW Golf, and VW Touran, and the models from allied parties such as Seat and Skoda also using the same platform. A big Audi A3 engine line-up has been offered, comprises of nine engines and three of them are diesel. Audi A3 is available in three and five-door hatchback and compact saloon body types. In the past 20 years of its life, the A3 managed to win 10 countrywide and global awards however, the latest was won in 2014, when a car magazine has awarded it with the Car of the Year 2014.

Audi S3

A good reason to buy a small package deal is that the S3 blends Audi’s excessive-efficiency and excessive-tech into a zesty compact saloon and hatchback. With balanced control, plus all-wheel technology and a sport-tuned suspension, it’s an enthralling and eager comrade. The state-of-the-art S3 has a 2.0-Litre four-cylinder turbocharged TFSI petrol engine, and provides 296bhp and 380Nm of torque throughout a broad rev range of 1,800rpm to 5,500rpm. Tech affinities include entirely new and improved internal components, and a new light-weight alloy cylinder head. Audi says the current engine spec is 5kg lighter than the earlier version, as well as stronger than all previous versions. It revs to a 6,800rpm, which is almost 1300rpm more than standard engine and when pressed the S3 hatchback will do zero to 62 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds. Even if it has a six-speed S tronic gearbox but with its standard six-speed manual, the sprint takes 5.2 seconds. All body styles will go on to arrive the top speed of 155mph because it is electronically controlled, even though Saloons are a tenth slower at zero-62 miles per hour, while the Cabriolet – which is only available with the S tronic box takes 5.3 seconds.

Audi A4

A name well celebrated in the UK and it’s a compact executive series of Audi cars. The first ever A4 was rolled off the construction line around two decades ago and from than it is ruling the UK market. Utilizing the Volkswagen B Platform. The fifth generation of Audi A4 is now in, however the first generation used to be the successor of the Audi 80 models. The start of the A4 series was based on the B5 models after which we have evident B6, B7, B8, and the B9 model series. On the B8 and B9 types of the Audi A4, German automaker has used Volkswagen’s most modern-day MQB Platform.

One of the best mixture of Audi A4 engines and platform has been offered in the B8 and B9 models. Common models are front-wheel drive but the Quattro technology was presented as an option on the entire Audi A4 line-up. Audi A4 is offered in both saloon and a station wagon in the UK however in the second generation, German automaker offered a convertible too. Now the convertibles are the part of A5 series.

Audi S4

The 2017 Audi S4 perhaps the ideal car, it’s quick, high-tech and well built. That’s the business line, besides. However, it fits the automobile like a sport jacket and dynamic frames. Based on the well admired B9 Audi A4 saloon and wagon or Audi’s language an Avant model, the S4 adds a strong new turbocharged six-pot engine, Quattro all-wheel drive technology, and most advanced-tech infotainment are standard. The partly aluminium, compact 3.0-Litre TFSI engine has a wide design so the turbocharger can also be hooked up. Audi’s outputs are 260hp between 5400 and 6400rpm and 500Nm of torque between 1370 and 4500rpm – 15hp and 60Nm up on the B8 generation. This compares to 270hp and 520Nm for the C43 AMG’s twin-turbo V6 and 240hp and 450Nm for the BMW 340i’s turbo inline-six. The claimed zero to 62 miles per hour dash times are down just a few tenths to 4.7 seconds and 4.9 seconds for the Avant, at the same time combined fuel economy from 98 RON petrol is 40 miles per gallon is also five per cent higher than earlier models, thanks in part to a petrol-saving coasting function.

Audi A5

Audi A5 is a compact executive class of saloons, however, when you consider that 2007 in specific body patterns from convertibles to cabriolets and coupe versions of A5 provided. Unlike Audi’s A4 model line-up, the A5 series uses the B platform of its parent group and sharing its values with the A4. The A5 first iteration was the member of the B8 series but was converted into the B9 in its second generation. Both models are derived from the Volkswagen’s MLB Modular Longitudinal Matrix architecture. The A5 has been offered in most effective two layouts, where front wheel drive or a permanent all-wheel drive configuration available.

There are eight specific A5 engines offered and you can select from three diesel and five petrol engines. Audi has offered a range of gearboxes from a 6-speed manual, to a same Tiptronic automatic, 7-speed S tronic semi-automatic, eight-speed Tiptronic automatic and a most modern Multi-tronic CVT is on offer.

Audi S5

The Audi S5 Coupe uses the 3.0-Litre Supercharged V6 TFSI engine generates 245hp of power. Until 2010, this engine was used on almost all S5 variations from, saloon, Avant and cabriolet. The other alternate introduction under the bonnet is the start / stop technology for better fuel efficiency. Audi claims a 35 miles per gallon on average. In 2017, Audi improved the 333 HP supercharged engine with a 2995cc turbocharged, 354 HP engine and broaden of 21 HP from the supercharged model. Despite the fact that more robust at low rpms, Audi steps in superchargers in place of turbochargers centered on European driver’s option for smaller, extra effective, yet strong engines. It is the market where BMW and Mercedes-Benz already have a strong competition in the market. As a part of the mid-generational refresh, the S5 undergoes some fundamental interior-finish alterations, including a complete revamp of the headlights.

Audi A6

Audi C series or the A6 was introduced in 1994 as a successor of Audi A100. The A6 is known as the executive saloon of German mass car maker. The A6 is now enjoying its fourth generation as the replacement to the Audi A100. The A6 is produced in Neckarsulm, Germany. The A6 is available in exclusive editions from saloon to wagon, but the most contemporary model has been promoted as the Avant. Audi’s internal code of the A6 is as a prolongation of the C4-series.

Essentially the trendiest variation is the C7 of the A6 and it’s utilising the Volkswagen group’s MLB platform. There are two body patterns including a 4 door saloon and a five door Avant with longitudinal front engine and transmissions. You could decide upon each Quattro and permanent all-wheel drive. Audi A6 received the car of the year award in 2005 and a tow car of the year award as well as a result of its automatic traction control system. There are five petrol engines and 4 diesel engines offered on the Audi A6 from 2009 to 2011, but in the C7 line up of Audi A6 which was introduced in 2011 and still in action, there are 13 petrol engines and six diesel engines offered. The hybrid version of the A6 is also available in the market.

Audi S6

The S6 is not a cheap option and it is costing over £59,265, a model which is more than £1255 over the outgoing model. It is also noticed that the new S6 has not have any significant modifications or updates to the engine or gearbox compartment. Audi certainly believes that its 4.0-Litre V8 twin-turbocharged petrol engine and ordinary seven-speed dual clutch S-tronic automatic gearbox don’t require any major fettling to keep the well-appointed estate within the quest. Our experts did not notice any changes to the automatically operated Torsen torque sensing 4-wheel-power system. With a stout 444bhp and 405lb ft developed across the range of revs between 1400 and 5700rpm, the S6 blasts of speed limits in the UK with great boldness.

On a closely pegged throttle, the in-gear acceleration is relentless – although not as robust as the more powerful version of the A7 based RS7 returns however, adequate enough for speedy lane over takes, and it is the most distinguished model. Despite rolling the scales at, as an alternative hefty 1960kg, the S6 Avant is alleged to do zero to 62 miles per hour in just 4.6 seconds, and it speeds up and hard up to the electronically limited top speed of 155 miles per hour. Pushing down a huge autobahn close Dresden, the plush load hauler felt good in its trait.

Audi A7

The Audi A7 is an F section full-sized executive car. It’s a 4-door coupe, elements a roof line with sharply rake up rear display and unified boot door and frameless doors. It’s also using the similar Volkswagen MLB Platform just like the A6, C7, Audi A7 Sportback and Audi RS7.

There are 5 diesel engines and five petrol engines offered in both V6 and V8 versions with seven speed and eight speed transmissions at the same time. New Audi A7 has received a number of awards in its life span, awarded by an auto magazine. In 2015, Audi A7 received a facelift along with a number of other changes such as, styling tweaks, engine refinements and exterior touch up. Audi has furthermore presented glare free Matrix LED headlights. Each petrol engines and diesel engines are actually meeting the Euro 6 specifications of carbon emissions, which is clearly mentions that you will be going tax free for first year and then a minimal amount to pay.

Audi S7

The attention to component and total ergonomic set-up is just awesome, giving the new efficiency saloon a much pricier model, but it is even more powerful and comfy than its cost tag suggests. As that you would be able to count on, the S7 is absolutely well-geared up. Exterior of the S7 has a sporty body kit, LED headlights, a quad-exhaust rear, digital differential, adaptive air suspension, and a superior braking system. Inside of is conquered by a Valona leather-based upholstery, electrically adjustable entrance sporting seats and Audi’s MMI infotainment process, which comes with a 6.5in retractable monitor, Bluetooth, sat nav, DAB radio, and a multimedia interface.

For those looking for a sportier glance, then the S7 Black edition may just tick all the right boxes and comes in 21in alloy wheels and a Bose sound system. Decent facts put its curb weight at 1945kg despite the presence of selected aluminium body panels and different weight saving measures. But such is the core effort and overall sensitivity of its engine always feels eager even at low revs.

Step off speeding is robust, and not using a lag as its pair of turbochargers spool up. At 1500rpm, 800rpm above idle, the engine offers its highest 406lb feet of torque, endowing the new Audi with an extremely flexible nature.

Audi A8

it is the luxury version of Audi, and it’s a full sized 4 door steeply-priced saloon. Audi started its production in 1994. It was offered as a successor of Audi V8. The A8 was offered as a permanent all-wheel drive and a lengthy wheel base units. At the start, first two cohorts have been established on the Volkswagen D Platform but the current models are actually using the VW MLB Platform.

It was first ever mass market Audi with aluminium chassis, and it moreover has a regularly up-to-date performance version S8. The Sportback version, S8 is best offered all wheel base variant and prepared with regular all-wheel Quattro system.

Audi S8

Following model of the A8 performance car is a constant, GO’, plant your foot to the ground and counting the seconds, ‘one, two, three, three-and-a-bit more and it passed the 62 miles per hour speed.

To be technical about it, the characteristic time is 3.8sec, which drivers say that it is the quickest ever limo you could buy. Engine are powerful where the Plus provides a hefty 84bhp, with top torque boosted to 516lb feet, or 553lb ft.

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