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We are the most trusted engine replacement service in the UK, with 10 Years of Experience we have thousands of satisfied customers on our credit.

Free Warranty

All the replacement engines sold by us, whether used or reconditioned units, come with free warranty for your peace of mind.

Vehicle Recovery

We can recover your broken vehicle from your door or road and do all the engine repair works, delivery also available.

Quality Reconditioned and low mileage Used VW Touareg engines at cheapest prices

There is no need to worry if you are searching for the cheapest replacement engine as Diesel Engine R Us can provide you with a replacement engine for your VW Touareg. These replacement engines are identical in performance as compared to the brand new engines. VW Touareg
You can save a lot of time and money by placing an order through our website or you can also visit our workshop to search for the engines yourself. We have the largest stock of replacement VW Touareg engines and our stock is "; updated on regular basis. All you need to enter is the Reg. no of your VW Touareg and get free online quotes from us. 

Supply and fit service offered by Diesel Engine R Us throughout the UK

The magnificence that we give to our consumers in replacement engines is simulated in our supplying and fitting service too. We offer supplying your VW Touareg diesel replacement engine at your doorstep and at cheapest rates when compared to the market.

Equally, Diesel Engine R Us has a standard record of engine fitting service thanks to our certified Volkswagen authorized mechanics and technicians. So, get your VW Touareg engine fitted in your vehicle by technician’s hands at lowest rates.

What about the warranty offered on Touareg engines?

We aim to offer the best service when it comes to replacement Volkswagen engines. With 10 years of experience in dealing with replacement engines, our customers have trust in us. Our stock possesses a complete range of replacement Volkswagen engines.

We offer a free warranty as standard for every engine you purchase from us. The time of warranty relies on the type and condition of the replacement engine you are choosing. That said, Reconditioned engines are given more time of warranty as compared to Used engines because of being higher end products. However, the average time for replacement VW Touareg engines is nine months but the accurate details will be revealed when you visit our site and search your engine.

VW TFSI engine
Touareg VW
Vw TDI Engine

We supply all VW Touareg Engines for the following years

2002 (02/52 reg plate)
2003 (03/53 reg plate)
2004 (04/54 reg plate)
2005 (05/55 reg plate)
2006 (06/56 reg plate)
2007 (07/57 reg plate)
2008 (08/58 reg plate)
2009 (09/59 reg plate)
2010 (10/60 reg plate)
2011 (11/61 reg plate)
2012 (12/62 reg plate)
2013 (13/63 reg plate)
2014 (14/64 reg plate)
2015 (15/65 reg plate)
So if your Touareg is registered in these years and you are looking for a replacement engine, you are at the right place.

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