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Nov 5, 2018

MPV designed to give some extra space and practicality to match the purpose

You see a Ford C-Max and then look at the Grand C-Max; there is similarity of course as Grand C-Max is an extended form. But there is a difference; the cabin is more spacious and has a practical layout.

This is an MPV but it offers a more extended look. You fold the seats and get a large space for luggage area and there is nothing you cannot load inside when going for a long distance. It is an easy seven-seating spot and has a very competitive class where it stands head high.

There are three trims on offer and you can choose the one that suits your need well. Ford Grand C-Max Engines are good to drive; you do not have to rev it that hard which other MPVs require. Driving dynamics are also better than the other ones and you get to enjoy the ride throughout the journey.

Ford C-Max engine supply and fit service are also offered in the market to facilitate ones who are in the need of replacing the engine. There are some vehicles that are bought with the head and then there are those that are loveable to heart.

But Ford Grand C-Max is a family vehicle which is attracted to both.

The engine performs surprisingly well

There are Eco Pro petrol and punchy smooth diesel. To start from there is a 1.5-liter diesel having 118 bhp. Move up a little and you get a 2.0-liter diesel engine 148 bhp capacity which has a good pull when fully loaded.

Then if you are after petrol in the MPV then there is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine to start with. This one does seem small but it does get along easily. There are two power outputs 99 bhp and 123 bhp.

And if you are travelling with a good number of occupants then 123 bhp is the right choice. Paired with all these is a six-speed manual while there is a Ford’s smooth Power-shift dual-clutch automatic which is present as optional.

But if you can function without it then spending that much is not required. The engines are efficient and the diesel 1.5-liter is the cheapest to run. Ford Grand C-Max excels in this area showing neat and light driving not letting you know it is a big vehicle.

The ride comfort

Ride comfort of MPV always matters because either you are going to make it your family car or use it for commercial purposes to transfer people from one place to another.

Now, we are talking about living beings and they have requirements from everything they encounter in the world. Ford Grand C-Max gives the riders that perfect amount of comfort needed. And then it is practical not having those sophisticated tits bits to worry about while driving.

The damping clears even the worst bumps under the wheels and keeps the cabin a peaceful place. The body lean is present but while cornering the grip remains firm and you do not have to worry about being out of balance or control.

There are driver assistance features to make him feel nice being behind the wheel.

Exploring the cabin further

The driver’s seat can be adjusted to many positions, so there is no problem adjusting to the right position. The seats for the rear and front passengers are also built to give a relaxing environment without cluttering the inside.

You get a generous amount of legroom in each row from this seven-seat vehicle and the middle seat can be folded to get more space for the two side passengers. If you have fewer people and more luggage then the seats can be folded down and tilted forward to get the requisite room.

Even this people carrier can become a van when all the seats are folded and there is a roomy back where you can take your belongings easily. Especially this feature is handy while shifting small home items. You can save your money for having it done by a rental.

The access to middle and rear rows is easy due to the large sliding doors which provide easy access. The two rearmost seats can be easily pulled out from the floor and they are the best option to fit in children easily.

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