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Dec 13, 2018

A base trim ready to strike with its BMW personality

318d a diesel engine and related to BMW. What will be first thought? OK, the brand may have made a mistake manufacturing a base level car and with a diesel. Do they not want to sell it?

Well, this is a common perception, which is not true for sure. We are not talking about the early days of diesel and that horror sequels related to the engine type. Things have improved and to the extent that it is difficult to distinguish a diesel from petrol sometimes.

BMW 318d is a real BMW in its aspects. Just give it a chance and it will prove that it is not different from the other cars of this make. the ones who have tried it already know and for the ones who have doubts it is to assure that nothing is wrong if they buy this starter, as they will not be disappointed by any of its moves or the hard work put into making it.

The exterior is a sure sign of BMW, the interior shows class and standard of its materials and the drive shows excellence. This is what BMW is all about. It covers every detail successfully and presents the buyer a no doubt purchase.

The engine has a good energy level

This is no doubt a very capable engine fitted under the bonnet. It is the usual 2.0-litre diesel engine with 141 bhp meaning output of 105 kW. This may seem slower in comparison but if seen individually the engine is not underpowered. It successfully delivers all the power it has.

The eight-speed automatic gearbox goes well with the engine and shifts as if something is smoothly working in the background. No delays, no jerks nor any miss it is just that your car is adjusting itself according to the speed you are conveying. You are after more speed then go for the 320i.

Another positive trait is that it has a superb fuel economy. It wins in this area with a full litre lead. So it is a base engine but it impresses you with many BMW best engineering works and the effort is apparent even in lower trims.

BMW 318d engines are a clear example of such hard work. Reconditioned BMW 318d engines are also there in the market, you do not have to worry especially when an urgent need arises.

Fine accurate handling

This one shows the clear line on which the new 3 series lies. You sit behind the wheel and there is certainly an exciting feeling waiting for you. The driving manner is energetic and sporty which many buyers prefer these days even if they are out to buy a family sedan.

You can rev the engine as hard as you want and when it reaches its limit it is not over-laboured or growl. It seems as if more power is welcomed, but as it does not have the capacity so you have to stick to what you have.

There are three modes to select from and the car’s driving characteristics will change with them. The other two modes are related to comfort and environmental hygiene. The Sports mode will give you more sharp handling with the firm ride as it should be.

The interior has lively touches to it

The interior is not like it was when the 3 series was introduced but not now. Apart from the black boring touch, there are lighter tones to welcome you every time. This change has changed the older concept of having a sober and unattractive cabin which created somewhat negative vibes.

In the new version of 3 series you get a welcoming environment, you will certainly like over the old one. The cabin is quite too; surprised? Well don’t be, this is BMW and you can expect advanced technology over here. It is a diesel engine powered the car but it has advanced hushed nature you will admire for sure.

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