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We are the most trusted engine replacement service in the UK, with 10 Years of Experience we have thousands of satisfied customers on our credit.

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All the replacement engines sold by us, whether used or reconditioned units, come with free warranty for your peace of mind.

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We can recover your broken vehicle from your door or road and do all the engine repair works, delivery also available.

Toyota Reconditioned and Used engines available at Diesel Engine R Us

Reconditioned and Used engines for Toyota are a bit hard to find at cheapest rates online. But, here at Diesel Engine R Us, we are providing our customers with the cheapest rates and efficient engines.Engine for Toyota

The only thing you need is to enter the Reg no of your Toyota and search our stock. We have the biggest stock of Reconditioned and Used engines for Toyota and our stock is updated on daily basis. Just visit Diesel Engine R Us and search our stock while sitting on your sofa and get the cheapest Reconditioned and Used engines at cheapest online rates.

Engine range of Toyota

Toyota is famous multinational Japanese brand with headquarters in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. As of 2017, Toyota is the world's second-largest automaker manufacturer and holds the record of the first automobile manufacturer to make more than 10 million vehicles each year.

Toyota has manufactured a wide range of engines including V6 and Inline-four, V8, V10 and V12. Some of the sturdy engines made by Toyota include 2013 - WW – DOHC 1.6 L (1,598 cc) 1WW diesel engine, 2015- 2.8 L (2,755 cc) 1GD-FTV diesel engine, 1990–1994? – 3.5 L (3,470 cc) 1PZ Straight-6 diesel engine and 2007- 4.5 L (4461 cc) 1VD-FTV V8 engine.

Common engine problems in Toyota

No doubt, the engines made by Toyota are gigantic in performance, but with the passage of time, the engine starts creating issues regardless of the make of the engine. A few issues with the engine of Toyota are as under:

Debris can get into the idle air control valve. This will straitjacket the air flow into the engine, resulting in idle speed and stalling when cold.

While changing the air filter, it is pretty easy to knock off the pipe on the air filter housing, which is part of the emission control system. If the vehicle is driven with this hose disconnected, the Check Engine Light will illuminate.

Recon Toyota Engine
Reconditioned Toyota Engine
Reconditioned Toyota Engines for Sale

The 6 cylinder engines have the power to leak oil from the valve cover gaskets, particularly the one close to the firewall.

The timing chain can develop a rattling noise caused by failing timing chain guides.

Warranty time is given for Recon and Second-hand Toyota engines

Warranty is really a very important factor when you purchase anything. Here at Diesel Engine R Us, free warranty as standard is offered for every single engine irrespective of the type of engine you are purchasing.

The time of warranty is directly proportional to the type of engine you are choosing i.e. Reconditioned engines are offered more time of warranty as compared to Used engines because of being the higher end product. So, get the free warranty as standard at reconditioned and Used Toyota engines.

Supply and fitting of Reconditioned and Used Toyota engines

We are working for the benefit of our customers and we want you to feel tension free while picking Reconditioned and Used Toyota engines. In this regard, we are giving cheapest supply and fit service for every single engine sold by us.

Getting a replacement engine at your door or fitted to your Toyota is really a hectic task. In order to save you from any worry, our service is available. Get Reconditioned and Used engines for Toyota and take advantage of our supply and fitting service too at extremely low cost.

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