Reconditioned MINI Engines

It is a well-known fact that MINI enjoys all this popularity due to its engine performance. However, what if your MINI engine ceases to perform? MINI engine failure can make you worry a lot if you are not aware of Diesel Engine R Us. Diesel Engine R Us is one of the best engine replacement service providers around at cheapest online rates.


Jumping on the latest bandwagon, MINI has successfully produced hybrid engines which are ideal for short distance travelling. These electricity based engines can double your satisfaction by reducing your fuel cost to half.

As expected, MINI petrol engines are more powerful yet more efficient. Moreover, there is nothing better than having a Twin Power Turbo engine that associates turbocharging with direct injection so that you will never get confused between performance and efficiency ever again.

MINI diesel engines are built with state of the art technology and they can come handy if you are a fond of long drives as it returns an impressive MPG. On the other hand, if you are a fun loving guy, the Cooper D will surely add spice to your flavour.

MINI is mini in size but massive in performance

MINI is usually written as MINI, automobile brand which is a subsidiary of by BMW since 2000. It is known for manufacturing small cars.  Back in the 1950s, the cars made by this company were termed as MINI owing to their smaller size. However, in 1969, it grew into a make in its own right and subsequently, its name changed from Austin MINI and Morris MINI to MINI.

The company saw a major upgrade when BMW acquired it in 1994. Initially, two-door MINI was a tiny car produced by the British Motor Corporation. It used to be an iconic car and became the face of the 1960s car industry. At a time when long cars were in fashion, the space-saving MINI which allowed more than 80% of the area of the car's wheelbase to be solely used for passengers or baggage, setting new trends in the automobile industry.MINI Engine

Problems your MINI engine can face

Many owners reported premature clutch wear on cars equipped with manual gearboxes. Moreover, clutch replacement on these vehicles can be quite expensive.

Failure of the automatic transmission is quite common too. Professional technicians recommend the automatic transmission fluid must be replaced every 30,000 miles in order to keep things in control.

Electric door locks are also prone to malfunction on mini cooper as some users have complained issues.

Diesel Engine R Us Engine Supply and Fit service

The matter worsens the trouble is the availability of supplying and fitting service. But luckily, you have fewer reasons to worry about as Diesel Engine R Us offers supply and fit service too. Now you can order any MINI engine anywhere across the UK. Plus, we offer fitting facility in our state of the art latest garage.

Our MINI and BMW engine technicians and mechanics are and work in the most professional way.

Free standard warranty

At Diesel Engine R Us, we offer the supreme reconditioned engines of MINI backed with a free standard warranty. Engine accessibility is not a problem at all as Diesel Engine R Us has plenty of engines due to its updated stock of MINI engines. All you have to do is visit our garage or order online.

Reconditioned MINI Engines